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Looking for soft meals and nutritious drinks suitable for those with mild swallowing or chewing difficulties? Our Taster Packs are a great place to start!

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About Alimento

Alimento is a collaboration between Birds Eye and Ensure providing tasty, easy ready meals and delicious drinks for people with mild swallowing or chewing difficulties. Our Soft Meals are sold as IDDSI Level 7 (Easy to Chew), yet can be adapted to accommodate ranges 4-6 by following some simple steps.

What You Say About Alimento

You had separate tastes on the plate, the meat, the vegetables, and mash so you had different tastes going on, unlike a liquidised meal which is the same all the way through

Ilonak, King’s Lynn

All products were fantastic, my mother thoroughly enjoyed them all. I would definitely recommend this product to others and will be making these meals and shakes a regular staple of my mother’s diet

Matt, Bedford

Just ordered some of the Birds Eye salmon and pea and it was absolutely delicious. I would absolutely recommend this to any of my friends or family who have swallowing difficulties

Karen, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Birds Eye are experts in creating delicious frozen food

Our specially made soft and pureed meals will make dinner time more exciting again.

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