5 Food options for those who have chewing difficulties or discomfort swallowing

5 Food options for those who have chewing difficulties or discomfort swallowing

Knowing what to eat when you can’t chew or have discomfort swallowing can sometimes be quite tricky. With limited food options available to you, you may not get all the nutrients and energy your body needs to function properly, so eating the right food is highly important.

Swallowing and chewing difficulties tend to mean consuming a lot of soft and pureed food which can sometimes become a bit boring. Below we have outlined five soft food options that will still make mealtimes enjoyable. 

 Please note if you are experiencing discomfort swallowing and chewing you should first seek medical attention as there could be an underlying health condition.

1.    Soups

Soups are a great way to get the nutrition you need when you struggle to chew or swallow. Try boiling some vegetables until they are soft, adding some herbs and other seasoning as you prefer, and blend it to a smooth, even consistency for an easy, tasty meal.

There are hundreds of soup recipes available, so there’s no chance of getting bored by eating the same thing over and over as you can try new flavours with a mix of vegetables each time! Soups can also include beans, fish and meats which is a great way to get a good source of protein in your diet - they make the perfect lunchtime meal!

Please note when incorporating meats into soups they need to be cooked and pureed well enough to meet individual needs.

2.    Mashed potatoes and vegetables

We all know vegetables are important to a balanced diet and if you struggle to eat these solid, then mashing and pureeing them will be the answer. Pureeing your vegetables is the perfect way to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs.

Mashed potatoes are also a great food to eat when you have swallowing and chewing discomfort. They are a great source of carbs which provide energy and are enjoyed with a variety of meals. For something a little different, roast some sweet potato halves until soft, then remove the flesh from the skin and mash together with a little melted butter.

3.    Yoghurts

 A convenient dessert, snack or breakfast, yoghurt is tasty and super easy to swallow. If you have a sweet tooth then yoghurts are the perfect answer as you can opt for supermarket bought options which offer a variety of flavours, or you can go for natural yoghurt and add your favourite toppings such as maple syrup, honey and pureed fruits – doing this is a great way to mix it up each day to add interest and different flavours.

4.    Smoothies

 When you are not able to take any solid food, the liquids you have should be high in calories and nutrients including vitamins, minerals. Smoothies are an ideal way to start your day as you can pack them full of fruit, giving you a nutritious meal to kickstart your day. Just like soups, there are many different recipes and ingredients you can use to get different tastes and flavours each day to prevent you from becoming quickly bored of them. When making a smoothie you must ensure the fruit is cut well and pureed enough in order to meet your individual needs. You don’t want any remaining skin or fruit lumps in your smoothie, so the fruit we recommend is well peeled and cut apple or pear without the seeds and the inner cellulose.

5.    Birds Eye Soft Food Meals

The same old pureed meals can quickly become boring so here at Alimento we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and nutritious food every day. If you’re getting tired of the same pureed foods all of the time, then our Birds Eye soft meals will bring a new level of enjoyment to your mealtimes.

With a whole range of different pureed soft meals, there’s something different for every time you eat. From salmon and pea timbales, to meatballs and green beans, beef and cauliflower and many more, these meals will bring you the flavours you love with the right consistency for mild swallowing and chewing difficulties, helping you get all the nutrients you need.  

Mealtimes shouldn’t have to be a chore and with the above foods there are plenty of ways you can try different flavours so you can begin to feel a little less restricted. If you want to know more about our Birds Eye soft meals, check out our article which explains everything you need to know.