Customer Testimonial: Roger

Customer Testimonial: Roger

Here at Alimento, our aim is to help provide a better quality of life to those who suffer with chewing and swallowing difficulties with our range of soft meals and nutritional drinks. We’ve had some amazing reviews from some of our loyal customers and hearing these kind words is truly amazing.

One of our customers Roger, has put his words together below to explain his experience with Alimento from the ordering and delivery process, to the products and their taste.

Hello, my name is Roger from Cheltenham and I suffer from Barrett’s Oesophagus. 

I chose Alimento because the hospital team suggested I start eating “soft meals” to assist with the medical condition I suffer from which leads to swallowing, regurgitation, and choking problems. 

Since shopping with Alimento I have found the order process and delivery of my meals to be very easy along with setting up the account and payments online which I personally prefer. 

I have ordered from Alimento 16 times over the last 3 months and consume one meal per day, each and every day. I consume the meals for either lunch or dinner depending on the routine of the day.  

I enjoy the Alimento meals created by Birds Eye because the presentation of each soft timbale meal is really satisfying, with a great variety so you can eat a different meal daily and they are all very tasty. The soft timbales certainly help with my condition because I can eat them easier than other food.

In my case, I feel like the meals are digested quickly, and stop the daily / nightly regurgitation and choking issues I used to have. 

I also enjoy Ensure Max Protein drinks because I know I’m receiving the daily vitamins and minerals I need to maintain my strength and energy. They work well for breakfast or midday. 

Overall, I would recommend Alimento because their soft timbale meals have certainly changed my life for the better.

I would sum them up in these words: tasty and convenient. 

We really value the feedback from our customers and love hearing what they have to say about Alimento. Why not put our products to the test and try out our soft meals or nutritional drinks for yourself? We’d love to hear what you think!

If you are concerned about your nutritional intake, we recommend you contact a healthcare professional for advice.