How to prepare and enjoy your Birds Eye Soft Meals

How to prepare and enjoy your Birds Eye Soft Meals

The beauty of Birds Eye Soft Meals (aside from the taste!) is their convenience; they’re a quick, simple and easy-to-prepare option for those with mild chewing or swallowing difficulties.

Here’s how to prepare your meals.

Delicious, nutritious meals in minutes

Preparing your Birds Eye Soft Meal couldn’t be easier: all you need to do is take it out of the box, place in the microwave, and heat according to the instructions. There are different times required for different microwave power levels, so it’s important to follow these instructions and ensure the food is piping hot before serving.

You’ll need to leave the meal to stand midway through the cooking process, but you’ll have a tasty, nutritious meal in minutes.

IMPORTANT: When preparing your meal, you should not peel back, remove or pierce the film lid.

Once cooked, serve the meal in the tray and enjoy. Be careful when removing the film lid after cooking, as hot steam may escape.

The outer box and meal tray can be recycled after use, with the film disposed of in the domestic waste.

When should you eat the meals?

Birds Eye Soft Meals are suitable as a main meal at lunch or dinner time.

They’re designed to be cooked from frozen, so you’ll more than likely eat them at home, but if you can transport them to your workplace or a social gathering in a cool box that keeps them frozen, they also make a perfect meal during the work week or when socialising.

The meals should be kept in the freezer at -18°C or colder, and cooked according to the instructions when you’re ready to eat them. For more information, read our guide on storing your meals.

If you’re looking for convenient, easy-to-consume meals to help you get the nutrition you need, Birds Eye Soft Meals at Alimento are the perfect option. They’re ready as soon as the microwave bleeps!