What are Birds Eye Soft Meals and who are they for?

What are Birds Eye Soft Meals and who are they for?

The Birds Eye Soft Meals range, available exclusively at Alimento, was created on the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy tasty, nutritious food – regardless of their personal circumstances.

What are Birds Eye Soft Meals?

The Soft Meals range by Birds Eye is a collection of nutritious foods crafted by chefs and nutritionists. These convenient, easy-to-prepare meals come frozen and are simply microwaved to prepare when you’re ready to eat them. They contain essential vitamins and other nutrients, allowing people to enjoy their favourite foods no matter what their circumstances.

The meals are delivered frozen, ready to be placed straight in your freezer for storage. Each meal provides one typical full adult serving.

Who are Birds Eye Soft Meals suitable for?

Birds Eye Soft Meals have been developed to help people with mild chewing and swallowing issues, allowing them to be able to enjoy their favourite foods. The meals are quick and convenient to prepare and easy to eat, meaning they’re perfect for those who need to consume softer foods at home.

All of the meals come with full nutritional information and ingredients list, which can also be found on the individual product pages. Any allergens are highlighted in capital letters, so those with specific allergies or dietary needs can identify suitable meals.

How are Birds Eye Soft Meals made?

The base of all the Birds Eye Soft Meals is a food puree, made from real ingredients full of nutritional value. These purees are mixed with egg, starches and spices, and then formed into timbales; named after a French cooking method of shaping food.

The timbales are moulded to appear like regular meals, meaning people can enjoy their food in social settings without worrying about eating something different. They are also served with sauces to add flavour to the dish.