Why choose Alimento?

Why choose Alimento?

Here at Alimento, we want to provide a better quality of life to those who suffer with chewing and swallowing difficulties. Our collaboration with Birds Eye and Ensure combines over 140 years of scientifically based health expertise to bring you a range of healthy and nutritious meal and drink options.

We want to let families enjoy mealtimes together again which is why we’ve created a reliable brand that offers a 5* service of drinks and frozen ready meals delivered to your door. Let’s take a further look into what we do and the service we provide.

Our meals

If you’re looking for convenient, healthy ready meals delivered to your door then Birds Eye Soft Meals at Alimento are the perfect option. Developed by chefs and nutritionists, our soft ready meals contain the essential vitamins and nutrients that are needed to contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. Specially created, they allow people to enjoy their favourite foods and tastes no matter what their circumstances are. Each meal comes with a full nutrition and ingredient list so you know exactly what’s gone into the food you’re eating.

We have a great range of meals on offer including fish, meat and even vegetarian options. We’ve put together set menus that will save you time when ordering as well. Our set menus contain a selection of our best-selling meals and drinks that can be swiftly added to your basket so you’re ready to go as quickly as possible.

The Birds Eye soft meals not only taste great but are super convenient too. They’re quick, simple and easy to prepare – all you need to do is take it out of the box, pop it in the microwave and heat as per the instructions. For more information about preparing your meals, make sure you check out our article around preparing and enjoying your Birds Eye meal.

Our drinks

Here at Alimento we have collaborated with Ensure to provide you with convenient and nutritious drinks. Ensure is the world’s number one nutritional supplement drinks brand. Ensure drinks are a great source of nutrition and are convenient for those with chewing difficulties.

We have three different Ensure drinks available to order that each offer various benefits to suit your personal needs. Ensure Compact is our smallest bottle that’s perfect for those who have a small appetite or struggle with a high volume of liquid. Ensure Max Protein is high in protein but low in fat and sugar; it is designed to help you reduce everyday tiredness and fatigue*. Ensure Plus Advance is a balanced nutritional drink; high in energy, high in protein, with additional calcium and vitamin D.

The formulas of our drinks have been developed with leading scientists and these nutritional shakes act perfectly as food supplements for when you’re travelling or on the go. They also come in a range of flavours so you can mix up your daily shake with different tastes.

Disclaimer: Ensure Compact and Ensure Plus Advance are foods for special medical purposes. Use under medical supervision.

Reliable food delivery service

With Alimento, you’re sure to get a quick and reliable delivery service for your meals and drinks. If you place your order between Monday and Wednesday you will receive your order just two days later and if you order between Thursday and Sunday, your delivery will arrive the following Tuesday. You can also choose Saturday delivery for an extra £5. We also offer free delivery on orders over £20.

As our meals are delivered frozen, they’re packaged with special insulation and dry ice packs to ensure they stay this way up until 6pm on the day of delivery so we recommend putting them into your freezer straight away. If you’ve ordered drinks, these are best served chilled so once delivered, simply pop them straight in your fridge until ready to drink.

For any further information around our home delivery meals and drinks, be sure to take a look at our delivery FAQs.

So, those are just a few reasons why you should choose Alimento for your soft meals but if you don’t quite believe us yet, the kind words of our customers speak volumes. Check out the video below to find out why customers love Alimento.

*Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.