Are the products Alimento offer suitable for me?

Alimento offer a range of tasty and nutritious products for people who can sometimes find it difficult to chew food but that have no problems swallowing normal drinks. We offer a range of tasty and varied soft meals and nutritious drinks that will support you in getting all the nutrients you need to keep healthy and full of energy.

Make sure you seek advice from a health care professional before making changes to your diet.

If you also have swallowing difficulties, you might not be able to take normal drinks or food and you might need specific food textures for your safety. You should seek advice from a healthcare professional such as your GP or practice nurse. They may need to refer you to a Speech and Language Therapist.

What IDDSI level are the meals?

Birds Eye Soft Meals are developed to be a suitable consistency for those at IDDSI level 7 (Easy to Chew), but they can also be adapted for IDDSI levels 4, 5 and 6 by following just a few simple steps. Click Here to find out more. 

What are timbales?

Birds Eye Soft Meals are created using ‘timbales’, named after a French cooking technique of shaping foods.  Made by mixing food purees with egg, starch and spices, our timbales are combined with our delicious sauces to create a convenient and tasty frozen soft food meal.

How big are the meals?

All of the Birds Eye Soft Meals represent approximately 1 typical full adult serving.

How do I prepare the meals?

All of the Birds Eye Soft Meals are microwaveable. For the best results, please follow the preparation instructions which can be found on the back of the meal and on the detail page on the website.

Can I reheat the meals?

The BirdsEye Soft Meals are designed to be eaten immediately after heating.  Please do not reheat.

Allergen information

Allergen information can be found on the back of the meal and on the product detail page on the website.

How do I store the meals?

You’ll receive all of the meals frozen, so there’s no need to worry about using them straight away. Just pop the meals in the freezer and you’ll be able to enjoy them over a few months – just check the ‘best before’ date to see how long they’ll last

How big are the meals, will they fit in my freezer?

The meals are 19.5cm x  23.2cm x 3.8cm