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Alimento and Teleswallowing Partnership

Alimento has partnered with Teleswallowing - specialists in the remote identification, assessment and management of dysphagia – to deliver resources and training packages to healthcare professionals and organisations around the UK. This is part of our commitment to the Ageing Well agenda and Framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes.

How common is dysphagia?

The prevalence of dysphagia in the general population is 16-23%. This increases to 27% in those over 76 years of age, those with a high degree of frailty and those with neurological conditions1. As a result of Covid-19, there is now an emergence of people who have been on non-invasive ventilation and may have compromised swallowing function2.

Dietary modifications

People with swallowing difficulties can be at risk of fatigue during mealtimes and could potentially require assessment and compensatory strategies, e.g. a modified diet. However, texture modified diets can in themselves have implications on nutritional intake, further impacting on the already nutritionally compromised2.

Supporting good nutritional intake for individuals with swallowing and chewing difficulties

Alimento is a new brand combining over 140 years of scientifically based health and nutritional excellence with soft meals designed by Birds Eye for those with swallowing difficulties, and nutritious drinks from Ensure, ideal for those struggling to fulfil their nutritional requirements due to chewing difficulties.

Any dietary modifications for patients with chewing or swallowing difficulties should always be initiated by an appropriately qualified healthcare professional.