What is IDDSI?

The IDDSI framework provides a common terminology to describe food textures and explains how foods should be modified to make them safe to eat. The framework consists of eight levels (0-7) of food or drink texture and thickness.

The Birds Eye Soft Meal range is sold as IDDSI Level 7 (Easy to Chew), yet can be adapted to accommodate ranges 4-6 by following some simple steps.

Meet Heather

Heather de la Croix is a Speech and Language Therapist with over 30 years of experience working in the NHS and the private sector. In that time, she's worked with thousands of people who have difficulties eating and drinking.

iddsi level 4

In this guide, Heather explains how to adapt your Birds Eye Soft Meals to IDDSI level 4.

IDDSI level 5

Follow these steps to adapt your Birds Eye Soft Meal to a suitable consistency for for IDDSI level 5

IDDSI Level 6

Birds Eye Soft Meals can be easily modified to fit IDDSI level 6 by following these steps.

Intro to IDDSI

Here, Speech and Language Therapist Heather de la Croix provides an overview of the IDDSI framework